Frequently Asked Questioins

  • A portable battery-operated instrument that can acquire multiple health parameters by performing diagnostic tests on an individual. It consists of an application to control the operations of the device, a secure web-based data repository to visualize the results and communicate the results, a data visualization and analysis tool on a dedicated secure portal for remote monitoring and electronic records review and ground level implementation including training and support.

  • Swasthya Sahayak can be used in multiple dimensions such as healthcare system in Medical establishments, Corporate wellness, Corporate Social Responsibility Models, Health Camps, Data Analytics, Insurance, Human Resource Recruitment, Security forces, Social Entrepreneurship and many more.

  • Yes, the package includes complete ground level implementation including training and support.

  • Any one who can use smartphone and has basic reading & writing skills can use this technology.

  • Yes, you can take printout of the reports using bluetooth printer included in the package.

  • Swasthya Sahayak maintains complete summary of the tests conducted on beneficiaries.

  • Swasthya Sahayak generally takes 3 hours to become fully charged.